EkoStinger has signed an agreement with South Carolina based Vanguard Trailer

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EkoStinger has signed a deal with South Carolina-based Vanguard Trailer, Company to provide trailer aerodynamic devices to their own trailers. “We sell thousands of inventory trailers each year and our customers need aerodynamic devices in their trailers which work and are durable, EkoStinger’s product fits that criteria,” explained Jay Malave, President of Vanguard Trailer, SouthEast.

Malave went on to state ;”when you are promoting as many trailers because we sell, you need a product that works for nearly all your customers, this is actually the item that makes the best sense” Sources at EkoStinger report that having a product partner such as Vanguard Trailer not only gives their products a literal platform in which they may be sold, the company also aligns with EkoStinger’s journey towards a high level of consumer satisfaction. “This is a fantastic partnership and we’re thankful to have been selected as a favorite vendor,” said Steve Smith, Executive Vice President of EkoStinger. Smith went on to say,”We are focused on manufacturing quality, competitively priced aero goods while delivering the highest degree of customer service.”

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