Volvo Group: ‘Not Clear’ Yet How Many North American Trucks Are Affected by Faulty Component

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The Gothenberg, Sweden-based truck maker said in an announcement Oct. 16 that it had “found that the emissions control component used in certain markets is degrading more quickly than anticipated, which could cause the engines to exceed emissions limits for nitrogen oxides.”

“We cannot provide the number of affected vehicles in North America because any number is potentially misleading,” Volvo spokesman Claes Eliasson said in an e-mail. “It’s not clear at this point what percentage of the population might experience the issue, and over what time period.”

The degradation is due to a materials issue that occurs over time, although all products meet emissions limits at shipping, Volvo explained. The problem does not pose a security hazard, he said, nor does it negatively alter the motor or truck performance in regions other according to the firm.

“The investigation so far indicates that the degradation doesn’t appear to influence all engines and vehicles in an identical manner and to the exact identical extent,” Eliasson said. “It is not obvious at this point what percentage of the populace might go through the issue, and over what time period.”

Europe and North America bought the biggest volume of motors that were affected, the business said. Volvo preparing to work in tandem with dealers to minimize business disruptions or possible inconveniences and is discussing remediation plans. The company said while it’s not yet possible to evaluate the financial impact,” the cost to redeem the issue could be substantial.”
Volvo Group said it could not determine the impact of a part since it evaluated the range of the issue.

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