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Addressing a problem of today while paving another Stretch on the road to tomorrow, Bendix® Intellipark™ digital parking brake controller is presently moving into fleet trials using an expected launch in 2019. Intellipark helps prevent rollaway and runaway crashes by automatically setting the brakes if the driver exits the vehicle whenever it is not parked. Past rollaway reduction, the

system utilizes information available on the vehicle network to allow the park brake to be discharged only when an authorized driver is in full control of the vehicle. Intellipark also provides features like Trailer Auto-Park Release, which can automatically discharge trailer brakes once the car is moving. Plus, the system provides a more durable and ergonomic

interface, which is pleasing for motorists. Since Intellipark is electronic, it is also positioned for integration with Bendix® Wingman® Fusion™, enabling the usage of the parking brakes to further enrich driver support functions. Additionally, it delivers the parking functions necessary for future autonomous vehicles. Bendix engineered Intellipark for use with almost any air-braked automobile, including tractor trailers, single-unit trucks, motor coaches, and school buses. It is intended to help drivers mitigate a variety of unsafe circumstances, as well as deliver a fast ROI into the fleet through incident prevention and a longer life with minimal upkeep. “Preventing rollaways was our leading goal with Intellipark™, since they can be equally Damaging and deadly,” explained Fred Andersky, Bendix director of consumer solutions — Controls. “Automatic parking brake technology provides safety, value, and a Fast return on investment if it Prevents even a single occurrence. It also ties to the Growth of active security systems and

Advancing automated and autonomous technologies.” Over Braking Intellipark features a much better, driver-friendly interface which eases the effort of setting the parking brake, replacing the red and yellow push/pull knobs with switches which can be Flipped off and on with a single finger. The buttons show the reddish and yellow symbols and they trigger the parking brake through less physical exertion on the driver’s part Without delivering that popping”bite” of atmosphere switches when they’re pulled. This enhanced Ergonomic design might also help reduce driver fatigue and avoid repetitive motion injuries.

Along with the easy-to-read port, that includes LED lights, helps the driver know the Heading out on the road.If the driver misses the LED indication on the user interface or the Trailer Air Warning Telltale on the automobile instrument cluster and starts to drive away with the trailer park brake Engaged, Intellipark’s Trailer Auto-Park Release will disengage the trailer park brake

Automatically. wheel-end damage.”Fleets can use data supplied by Intellipark to help gain insight when the system Activates — to place the parking brake automaticallyto disengage the trailer brakes automatically. For fleets equipped with all the user-friendly web portal SafetyDirect® by Bendix CVS, that info is transmitted through their telematics supplier mechanically to fleet offices,” Andersky said. “This enables fleet managers to utilize the data to help with driver training As part of a general security program.” Technologies such as Intellipark and Wingman® Fusion™ are designed to not replace drivers, Or to allow or promote aggressive driving, or system dependence. These are driver Assistance, not motorist replacement technologies. Responsibility for safe performance, including Parking of any commercial car, remains with the driver whatsoever times.Through an ever-growing portfolio of automobile technology, Bendix delivers on regions

Crucial to the achievement of fleets and owner-operators, such as safety, reliability, lower overall price Of operation, and vehicle performance and efficacy. Bendix backs its own systems and Components with unparalleled post-sales support, continuously striving to fortify yield on investment in gear that enhances North American vehicle and highway safety for those that Share the street. For more information about Bendix safety systems and technology, call 1-800-AIRBRAKE (1-800-247-2725) or visit or even Stop by the Bendix multimedia center in knowledge-dock. Com for further insight on complex security Technology development, driver support systems, and commercial vehicle safety regulations.

Leading up to National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, Sept. 9 to 15, in the U.S. and in conjunction with National Trucking Week, Sept. 2 to 9, in Canada, Volvo Trucks North America is rolling out a new film titled “The Movers,” a tribute to the men and women who literally move our world as professional truck drivers.

“Professional truck drivers play a crucial role in almost every aspect of our daily lives, safely transporting the food, fuel, and consumer goods that sustain us and make life comfortable,” said Peter Voorhoeve, president of Volvo Trucks North America. “I would like to see a greater appreciation of the truck driver profession because they have a vast effect on North America’s economic strength. As a truck OEM we are committed to actively contributing to help improve the perception throughout society.”

With retailers looking to stockpile products ahead of impending tariffs, U.S. ports, especially New York and New Jersey, have been seeing brisk business in recent months. The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey report a 10.4% increase in volume for July over last year with 322,093 twenty-foot equivalents (TEU), reflecting units of cargo capacity, entering the port. It is the largest number in the port’s history. Total volume, including inbound and outbound containers as well as empties, rose to 622,559 TEU, the third largest on record. Overall TEU volume has risen nearly 7% compared to last year.

Elsewhere, the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach also saw record volume in July, although overall yearly growth is down 2.6% over a record 2017. In fact, 2017 saw record-busting gains across the board with totals at all U.S. ports at 20 million TEU, up 7% over the previous year. In the south, the Port of Savannah saw even more dramatic increases in total TEU, up 12% in July and 7% for the year. And, while U.S. east coast ports have grown more rapidly than ports on the west coast, partly because of a wider Panama Canal—a third set of locks went into operation in 2016—freight rates have also risen, up to $1,222 per forty-foot equivalent unit.

According to, stockpiling of goods is in direct response to fears about a long-term trade war with the European Union, China and Canada. It also helps that retail sales are up approximately 6% so far this year. The Trump Administration has recently negotiated a pact to modify NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) with Mexico but has yet to get Canada to sign on. Negotiations are ongoing.

A spokesman for global consulting firm Alix Partners, confirms that several shippers have conceded they are pushing goods into the U.S. ahead of any proposed or future tariffs that may be levied by the Trump Administration. Some experts believe the growth of the U.S. economy above 4% in the second quarter of 2018 could be directly traced to increased activity in the nation’s ports. Alix Partners also believes that once uncertainty involving tariffs is resolved, shippers will see a stabilized trade pattern and imports will drop back to normal levels.  

The three X-Treme Grip Tire Chains of ancra are intended to give added durability strength and stability when driving in extreme weather conditions such as snow, ice and rain. The scooter chains have a silver zinc finish, also each is outfitted with vbar studs that bite for added grip on roads that are frozen into ice. Heavy-duty-studded bicycle chains are preferred for off-road software like logging and browsing terrain. Square link tire chains should really be used when highway conditions consist of snow and ice and are coated with a protective plated silver zinc finish hockey. All the chains can be found in a single- or triple-chain alternative; while the square link bicycle chains are 7mm studded bicycle chains and the V-Bar are 8mm. Tensioning cams enable installation and adjustment. Each pair of chains ship at a storage container with tensioning tool included.

The TS5000 Trailer Stabilizer of rite-Hite is designed to lower the chance of landing gear collapse when loading or unloading spotted trailers . The unit includes an extra-wide high plate (1 2 by 66 inches) that covers as much as 65 percent of a trailer’s width, twin vertical supports and double 10-by-16-inch base discs, all engineered to help prevent injuries due to heavy loads before the landing gear, uneven loads and faulty landing gear, most which can get the trailer nose to drop or roll. The stabilizer has a static loading capacity of 70 tons (140,000 pounds) along with also three 13-inch ergonomic and tires positioning grips built to allow it to be transferred to position easily. The system retracts down to 40 inches and extends upwards to 56 inches. An optional communication flag alarms workers and drivers that the machine is placed.

DTNA will begin notifying affected truck owners around Sept. 24, and dealers will replace brake linings, brake spiders and tie rods at no cost. Owners can get Daimler customer support at 800-547-0712 with recall # FL782. NHTSA’s recall number is 18V-503.

Daimler Trucks united states alarmed NHTSA of trucks which may possibly be impacted, however, DTNA estimates that only one percent of trucks that are recalled.
More than 1,200 the model year 2012-2015 Freightliner and also Western Star tractors have been recalled based on records from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.
According to NHTSA documents, inside brake liner, the front axle, along with brake spider combinations, braking could cause high vibrations. A tie pole collapse could result in a disconnect between the wheels, leading to a loss in steering.

Trucks included in the recall are:

    • 2012-2015 Freightliner 114SD
  • 2012-2015 Freightliner Business Class M2
  • 2012-2015 Freightliner Coronado
  • 2012-2015 Freightliner Cascadia
  • 2012-2015 Western Star 4900

P.A.M. Transport Conducts Extensive Testing Before Adding FlowBelow to The Fleet

FlowBelow Aero Inc., the leading manufacturer of tractor-mounted aerodynamic products, announced today that P.A.M. Transportation Services Inc. (NASDAQ: PTSI) will be adding 550 new Peterbilt 579’s to its fleet with FlowBelow Tractor AeroKits factory installed by Peterbilt.

As part of its evaluation process, in 2017 P.A.M. Transport first conducted testing on FlowBelow products with 5 trucks, then followed that with a large-scale test on 200 trucks.  For the 200-truck test, 100 of P.A.M.’s new Peterbilt 579’s were spec’d with FlowBelow from the factory, and the other 100 did not have the system.  After nearly a year of testing, the 100 trucks with the product demonstrated a 2.20% average fuel savings as compared to the 100 trucks without the product.

“For any fuel-saving technology that we consider, we first look to see what the OEMs are doing,” said Paul Pettit, Vice President of Maintenance at P.A.M. Transport. “A demo truck that we received with the FlowBelow system performed extremely well and piqued our interest.  We then tested 5 FlowBelow units as an initial pilot.  That was followed by a more serious 50-50 test on 200 trucks and we confirmed the savings as well as the durability.  After validating the product, we requested it through our dealer, The Larson Group (TLG), for new truck orders.  TLG has since begun delivering our trucks with the product already installed, thereby saving us time and money.”

P.A.M. Transport is a SmartWay Transport Partner and operates a fleet of modern, efficient trucks and trailers.  The company invests substantially in training its drivers to achieve better fuel economy as well as its efforts to constantly improve the efficiency of its equipment.  According to P.A.M.’s CEO, Dan Cushman, “We believe that our pursuit of fuel efficiency is a necessity and that reducing costs is always a priority.   We have a program called ‘Mission MPG’ which has helped us save an estimated $3.5 Million in fuel.  In bonuses and prizes, we give almost three-quarters of a million dollars back to our drivers every year.”

P.A.M.’s tractors and trailers are equipped with FlowBelow Tractor AeroKit Systems, APU’s, fuel tank fairings, low rolling resistance tires, trailer side skirts, and automatic tire pressure systems.

An all-new DrayNow Marketplace is ready to roll. For the past year, we’ve been listening to our customers’ feedback, observing their usage patterns, and benchmarking our platform against relevant best-in-class interfaces. Now, thanks largely to suggestions from our customers, it’s easier than ever to book and track Intermodal loads.

Combined with DrayNow’s immediate access to more motor carrier capacity than ever, we’re ready to help make today – and every day – easier for our customers.

Here are the top enhancements our customers are enjoying today:

1. Streamlined Interface: cleaner, simpler, and easier to use

The new order map visualizes all your loads geographically. A new layout organizes load and order information quicker.

2. Real-time ETAs

We now update load ETAs every 10 minutes to give our customers the most current status. No more follow-up calls trying to track down carrier information.

3. Instant Order Duplication

We minimized the need for order entry work, so users can focus on their jobs, not data entry. Users can also easily create a batch of similar orders.

4. Search

Instantly search for any order by reference or container number. No more scrolling through hundreds of loads.

5. Simplicity…on every screen

Everything customers relied upon in the web version of the DrayNow Marketplace is now accessible via smartphone or tablet. Even when they’re on-the-go, our customers have easy access to their orders.

Drivewyze PreClear weighs station bypass has expanded its service along I-44 and I-70 through Missouri with the re-activation of six bypass sites. Those join two existing bypass sites the company already has operational near Joplin on I-44 east and westbound.

Activation of the weigh station bypass sites began following the installation and calibration of new weigh-in-motion sensors embedded in the roadway.

“Missouri is a key state in the Drivewyze network, and with our sites now re-activated we’ve unlocked further coast-to-coast bypass opportunities for drivers,” said Brian Heath, president, and CEO of Drivewyze. “This is great news for our customers, and for other carriers that have been anticipating the reactivation of the Drivewyze service in the state. The Drivewyze network offers bypass opportunities at more than twice as many sites as any other provider. For years, the bypass market was under-served; Drivewyze is on a mission to change that. There has never been a better time for carriers to adopt this high-value service or to switch from old transponder- based systems. If you do the math, it’s an easy choice. More bypasses not only improves a carrier’s bottom line, it makes a positive impact on driver’s lives.”

The six newly activated Drivewyze sites are located in Foristell, Mayview, and St. Clair (both east and westbound). Foristell is on I-70 west of St. Louis (between St. Louis and Kansas City); Mayview is on I-70 east of Kansas City (between St. Louis and KC); St. Clair is on I-44 SW of St. Louis (between Spring Field and St. Louis).

The sites are located on the main arteries of Missouri, accounting for the majority of all truck traffic.

“We are pleased to have restored services in Missouri and will continue to fulfill the terms of our long-term partnership with the show-me state,” said Heath. “Missouri is a key state in the national transportation network and we know that restoring these sites back to full operation is welcome news for drivers and fleets.”

With the Drivewyze PreClear weigh station bypass service on their Drivewyze-enabled smartphones, tablets, and electronic logging devices customers can now receive bypass opportunities at more than 700 locations, in 43 states and provinces.

A significant amount of regional intermodal freight moves to and from the four intermodal facilities in Kansas City. Plus, more than 180 trucking companies call Joplin home with I-44 being one of two major routes connecting the Joplin region. Missouri is a major state for trucking and we are here to help them.”

The Drivewyze PreClear weigh station bypass application is available on a number of Drivewyze partner platforms, including Omnitracs, PeopleNet, Pegasus Transflo, Rand McNally, Zonar, and Platform Science. Fleets can request a free weigh station activity report to help them determine how much Drivewyze can potentially save them before activating the subscription-based weigh station bypass service. The application is also available for Android and iOS-based tablets or smartphones.

Drivewyze comes with a free Weigh Station Heads-Up service for real-time notifications at more than 1,200 weigh stations and inspection sites nationwide. To learn more about Drivewyze, please visit

As you know trailers and trailer parts classified under HTSUS 8716.39.00, 8716.90.50, 8708.70.45, and 8708.30.50 from the list of proposed products subject to the 25 percent tariff could affect your business and in the end, affect the consumer as well?

Warren Auwae’s testified at the International Trade Commission in Washington DC that might give you a better understanding of the effect these Tariffs could bring.

“My name is Warren Auwae. I’m the president and General Manager of Central California Truck and Trailer Sales, LLC. We are the largest commercial trailer dealer in California by geography. We have six locations that span from Sacramento in North to San Diego in the South. I’m here today to represent our 30 employees as well as ten suppliers/vendors. That employee over 350 plus US workers.

I’m here to urge the administration to remove trailers and trailer parts classified under HTSUS 8716.39.00, 8716.90.50, 8708.70.45, and 8708.30.50 from the list of proposed products subject to the 25 percent tariff. If these tariffs are put into place it will result in an immediate 15-20% drop in sales. In addition, 10-15% of our workforce will be impacted by layoffs or decrease hours.

Our trailers are built in America at three plants located throughout the United States. We use some parts and components sourced from China to do this. All of the products that are sourced from China can’t be sourced locally. Thus, these tariffs would cause irreversible damage to our supply chain.

The transportation industry is the tip of the spear of commerce in the United States. Any change to efficiency or productivity of this industry will have devastating effects on our economy. We are currently in a transportation equipment shortage. These tariffs would only serve to exasperate this problem.

In closing, I urge the administration to remove these import codes from the list of potential tariff’s. We understand the reasoning behind the tariffs. However, we know that tariffs on the transportation industry will only cause higher prices for consumers as well as impede GDP growth”

???? How Can Your Voice Be Heard? ????
If you would like to submit comments about the negative impact of the tariffs on your business, you can do so online by September 6, 2018, at the following link: Please be sure to identify the HTSUS codes that are affected (listed in the Federal Register Notice).
( HTSUS 8716.39.00, 8716.90.50, 8708.70.45, and 8708.30.50 )