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CVSA’s International Roadcheck Inspections Slated for May 16-18

by Punjabi Trucking

Scheduled for May 16-18, this year’s International Roadcheck held by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance “will focus on anti-lock braking systems (ABS) and cargo securement to highlight the importance of those aspects of vehicle safety,” said CVSA on Twitter. 

The annual Roadcheck is a high-visibility and high-volume inspection and enforcement event with CVSA-certified inspectors conducting inspections of commercial vehicles and drivers throughout the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. The inspections are provided at weigh stations, designated areas, and on roadways.

“Although ABS violations are not out-of-service violations, ABS plays a critical role in reducing the risk of collisions by preventing the wheels from locking up or skidding, allowing a driver to maintain control of the vehicle while braking,” CVSA said.

“In addition, improper cargo securement poses a serious risk to drivers and other motorists by adversely affecting the vehicle’s maneuverability, or worse, causing unsecured loads to fall, resulting in traffic hazards and vehicle collisions,” CVSA continued.

After the usual roadside inspections have been conducted, CVSA will compile the data it gathers and provide a report on the current state of commercial vehicles and driver safety. The event also acts as a way to educate the industry and general public on the importance of safety and the North American Standard Inspection Program.

North American Standard Level I Inspections focus on driver and vehicle safety compliance. Inspectors look at brake systems, cargo securement, coupling devices, driveline/driveshaft components, driver’s seat, fuel and exhaust systems, frames, lighting devices, steering mechanisms, suspensions, tires, wheels, rims, hubs, and windshield wipers in compliance.

Emergency exits, seating, and electrical cables and systems in the engine and battery compartments are also inspected on motorcoaches, passenger vans, and other commercial passenger vehicles. For drivers, inspectors check operating credentials, hours-of-service documentation, seat-belt usage, and their status in the Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse.

If inspectors identify critical vehicle inspection violations, as outlined in the North American Standard Out-of-Service Criteria, the vehicle will be restricted from operating until the identified out-of-service conditions have been corrected. Likewise, drivers may be restricted from operating a commercial vehicle if found to have violations or do not possess the necessary licenses.

CVSA inspections are in conjunction with law enforcement jurisdictions in cities, states, and territories in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.

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