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Blue Tree ELDs Attacked by Ransomware; Should be Back Up by End of September

by Punjabi Trucking

Drivers and fleets should be aware that electronic logging devices (ELDs) produced by Orbcomm have been attacked by ransomware, limiting the ability of the software’s Fleet Manager and Blue Tree ELD systems. Overcoming the issue could take up to two weeks.

Orbcomm indicated the attack occurred on Sept. 6 and is disrupting the Fleet Manager platform and Blue Tree devices. Once the problem was discovered, Orbcomm enlisted cybersecurity experts to resolve the issue. The company said that all other systems remain intact and that its customers should continue to use those normally.

Resolution of the problem should occur by Sept. 28, according to the company. Orbcomm says it is in continued contact with customers impacted by the problem. The company’s Blue Tree product includes the best-selling ELD models BT500 and BT504. 

Because of the disruption, users of Blue Tree systems have received an exemption from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to use paper “graph grid” logs until Sept. 29, unless the issue is resolved sooner.

Orbcomm assured customers that both its internal technicians and outside experts are at work restoring its systems and bringing them back online. The company also said that it has found no risk to customers’ proprietary networks.

The ELD mandate has been in effect since 2019.

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