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Connectivity Innovations Highlight Improvements in All-New Volvo VNL

by Punjabi Trucking

With the launch of the all-new Volvo VNL, the truck designed to change everything, Volvo Trucks North America has revolutionized the world of connectivity. The all-new Volvo VNL has set the new industry standard for connectivity features designed to increase customer satisfaction and profitability. These features are only the beginning as Volvo Trucks will continue to introduce new features to its expanding connectivity portfolio.

“The all-new Volvo VNL is integrated with Volvo Connect, a comprehensive fleet management portal, provides a one-stop shop for all of Volvo Trucks’ digital services including vehicle data insights, diagnostics, remote programming, fuel economy reports, safety reports, map, and location services, that can be accessed all under one platform. With the new Volvo My Truck app, drivers can stay in touch with their VNL truck from wherever they are, and Volvo Trucks’ Uptime Center remotely monitors the truck 24/7, alerting drivers and dealers to critical issues,” said Magnus Gustafson, vice president of connected services, Volvo Trucks North America. “The all-new Volvo VNL is the most connected truck ever designed by Volvo Trucks and transforms the way fleets maximize the benefits of their VNL trucks.”

E-Call: Trucking Industry’s First Automatic 911 Connection

As an industry first, Volvo Trucks has introduced E-Call, a self-activating crash notification, which automatically connects drivers with a 911 dispatcher via a hands-free call, where cellular connectivity is available, in the event of a rollover or airbag deployment. Precise location details are provided directly to emergency responders for faster and more accurate response. Fleets can choose an optional call button for the driver to initiate a call with 911 in the event of a medical emergency or another situation where help is needed. With a Uptime Care subscription, fleets will also receive an e-mail from the Volvo Uptime Center, notifying the fleet manager about the 911 call.

Integrated ELD Solution Enhances Driver Convenience

With Electronic Logging Device (ELD) mandates in place across North America, Volvo Trucks has taken the lead in providing a fully integrated ELD solution, powered by Geotab. Drivers can easily maintain their logs through the truck’s optional infotainment screen and eliminate the need for an externally mounted ELD device. Drivers can review logs while resting or away from the truck simply by logging in on a smartphone or tablet. 

All-in-One Fleet Management Portal

The all-new Volvo VNL and fleet operations will continue to be optimized through advancements in Volvo Connect, the all-in-one fleet management portal launched in October 2023. Fleet managers can see every Volvo truck in their fleet through one secure portal. Fleet managers can view critical truck data such as fuel mileage data, over-the-air software updates, driver behaviors and safety practices, and potential Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC). With easy-to-read reports, fleet managers can quickly access and analyze data points related to fuel consumption and safety, as well as see individual employee driving patterns to provide feedback on ways each driver can become more safe, productive, and efficient. These reports provide details on total driving time in top gear, fuel efficiency, idle time, and seat belt usage to name a few. 

Volvo Connect provides both near-real-time and historical data for fleet managers. Through live maps, fleet managers can monitor vehicle and route information, traffic conditions, speed, fuel level, odometer, engine hours, and more.  Fleet managers can also view the specific truck specs, comparing those specs to duty cycles. Through Volvo Remote Programming, parameter settings can easily be viewed and updated by calling Volvo Action Services to optimize truck performance and efficiency, such as road speed limit and idle shutdown.

“Volvo Trucks worked collectively with customers on designing Volvo Connect to benefit every area of their business,” said Chayene De Souza, product marketing manager, Volvo Truck North America “Pairing Volvo Connect with expanded Remote Programming and Remote Diagnostics that maximize uptime by enabling routine software updates and parameter setting changes to occur while the truck is being loaded or the driver is taking a break, which can decrease unnecessary stops at the dealership and keep trucks running efficiently. This wholistic approach to connectivity brings unprecedented benefits to our customers including 24% fewer unplanned stops, which leads to greater uptime.”

My Truck App – Connection Between Driver and Truck

With the driver in mind, the My Truck app provides the driver access to their truck through their smartphone or tablet. The My Truck app includes essential truck information such as engine fluid levels, like oil and DEF (diesel exhaust fluid), as well as information on potential exterior light faults, low coolant levels, and more. Drivers can also use the My Truck app to control and schedule the climate control on their all-new Volvo VNL to start on specific days and times, ensuring the cab is at the preferred temperature before arriving to start the workday.

Maximizing Uptime Through Advanced Connectivity 

Software status and available updates are areas where fleet managers can utilize Volvo Connect to maximize uptime. With the Volvo Connect portal, managers can view current updates and notify the driver or fleet maintenance technician to perform the update. These updates help keep trucks performing at peak levels and may prevent issues or unplanned stops from occurring. An updated and optimized truck performs better as software is continuously enhanced to optimize the driveline and other components on the truck. Volvo Trucks which are updated with the latest OTA updates experience 24% fewer unplanned stops, which results in increased uptime for customers and drivers.

While preventive maintenance and repair work may be inevitable throughout the life of the truck, by leveraging Remote Diagnostics, repair work at an authorized dealer may be transmitted in advance to expedite the service event and return the truck to service as quickly as possible. Through a completely new electrical architecture, the Remote Diagnostics capabilities on the all-new VNL are more accurate and monitor more areas on the truck than ever before. Additionally, with Remote Diagnostics, fleets can determine if the truck can remain in service until the next planned maintenance event or if it needs to come out of service for immediate attention. All monitoring is facilitated through Volvo Trucks’ 24/7 Uptime Center in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Volvo Trucks Commitment to Our Customer

Every new Volvo truck comes standard with two years of Volvo Uptime Care with Volvo Connect and the My Truck App. With Volvo Uptime Care, customers can take advantage of Remote programming and Remote Diagnostics, ASIST, and Volvo Action Service. With the Volvo Connect portal, fleet managers can see, in near-real time, their trucks’ location, reports and analytics, remote diagnostic status, needed software updates, and the ability to manage subscriptions. The My Truck App brings more truck visibility to the driver, identifying key areas that may need attention during a pre-trip inspection. The My Truck App is just one more way drivers can stay in touch with their trucks while on the road. 

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