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eNow receives USDOT safety certification for mobile solar mounting system

by Punjabi Trucking

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has assigned eNow credentials signifying that the mounting system for eNow’s mobile solar systems meets Federal safety standards. eNow solar systems are mounted to the rooftops of trucks where they collect energy from the sun and charge the vehicles’ auxiliary batteries.
“Quality and safety are paramount at eNow, so we are proud to take this step,” said Jeff Flath, President/CEO of eNow. “Our patented mounting system includes multiple adhesives and a hi-temp thermoplastic frame. Together, they bond our systems to truck roofs virtually-permanently. Currently, we have more than 5,000 trucks with our systems mounted on top of their sleeper-cabs and trailers. Not one has peeled off, even partially.”
Unlike traditional commercial and residential solar modules which are encased in glass with metal frames, eNow’s panels are thin, flexible and lightweight. The panels are adhered to the flat surfaces of trucks and trailer roofs — virtually-permanently — using the industry’s most advanced adhesive systems. They are also aerodynamic, water-proof and dust-proof – so dirt, wind, and water have do not affect them. Truck washes also do not affect the systems.
eNow solar panels are designed to withstand hurricane force winds, ice, snow, sun, and high heat. Its advanced solar systems are constructed of the highest quality materials and are thoroughly tested before they leave our factory. They also feature a full five-year warranty on both parts and labor.

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