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I’m Independent Coalition rally in Sacramento,CA

by Punjabi Trucking

ER doctors, speech therapists, truck drivers, taxi drivers, rideshare drivers, beauty consultants, music teachers and more came to the State Capitol this week to ask our elected representatives to help us! In a media conference and rally which happened on the measures of the California State Capitol Wednesday, almost 200 individuals called on state legislators to take actions to prevent or pause the Dynamex conclusion prior to the Aug. 31 statute. The Dynamex Operations West Inc. v. Superior Court of Los Angeles County ruled that Dynamex had wrongly categorized its drivers as independent contractors, rather than employees. The conclusion adopted what is generally known as the ABC test for ascertaining whether employees should be categorized as employees or independent contractors. As stated by the court decision, the recently adopted ABC examination presumes that workers are workers unless the hiring entity fulfills the following three prerequisites for categorizing employees as independent contractors:”

(A) the employee is free from the control and management of the hirer in relation to the operation of the job, both under the contract to the operation of the work and actually;

(B) the employee performs work that’s outside the typical course of their hiring entity’s company; and

(C) the employee is customarily engaged in an independently established trade, occupation or business of the exact same nature as the work done for the hiring thing.”

Due to this judgment, such as the I am Independent Coalition, assert the ABC evaluation is a”one-size matches all evaluation” which will compromise a vast selection of complicated and rapidly changing businesses.”There are almost two million Californians who operate as independent contractors in several businesses which vary from health care, engineering, construction, transport, beauty, finance, insurance, entertainments and a lot more,” based on an I am Independent Coalition press release.

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