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KeepTruckin Extends Smart Dashcam Capabilities with New Machine Learning Features

by Punjabi Trucking

Video recall, video annotation, and in-app driver coaching features increase fleets’ abilities to improve road safety through critical event prevention


SAN FRANCISCO, CA – March 20, 2018 KeepTruckin, a leading fleet management platform, today announced a new suite of safety features that are designed to seamlessly integrate with the KeepTruckin Smart Dashcam. The expansion of its safety platform includes video recall, video annotation, in-app driver coaching, and sensor fusion. Harnessing the power of machine learning, KeepTruckin’s enhanced Smart Dashcam capabilities can identify behaviors associated with critical events and educate fleets on ways to prevent them from happening.

“Safety is a crucial aspect of any fleet, and KeepTruckin is committed to investing in ways data processing, machine learning, and analytics can improve driver performance,” said Jai Ranganathan, VP of Product, KeepTruckin. “Machine learning extends a new layer of intelligence that allows us to contextualize footage and provide fleets with educational insights into specific driver behaviors. As a result, these new features can have a direct impact on the well-being of drivers and fundamentally improve road safety.”


The latest feature enhancements to KeepTruckin’s Smart Dash cam enable fleets to advance their safety cultures by adding context to events and track driver performance. The ability to recognize driving trends and deliver feedback has a direct impact on a fleet’s safety score and operational costs. Findings from a recent report by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety support this correlation between actionable insights and improved safety. The report states that video-based on board safety monitoring systems, in combination with driver feedback and coaching, can result in up to a 52% reduction in critical safety events per 10,000 miles.

Smart Dash cam users can now benefit from:

  • Video recall: Fleet and safety managers can recall video footage from the previous 35 hours of driving time, providing visibility that helps guide driver training.
  • Video annotation: Videos are automatically assigned tags that describe the context leading up to an event. Fleet managers can quickly prioritize which events to review first, filter events based on tags, and monitor changes over time.
  • In-app driver coaching: Drivers can proactively access safety performance data to increase awareness and coach themselves based on driving history.
  • Sensor fusion: A combination of vehicle speed, GPS speed, accelerometer, and gyroscope data that intelligently identifies driving events, helping fleet managers access the most accurate driving performance data through driver scorecards.


“Showing our drivers their individual, event-driven video footage has motivated them to take ownership of their driving behavior, which has made our coaching much more effective,” said Norman Bright, Fleet and Safety Manager, Woodford Oil. “In four short months, we’ve seen a significant decrease in critical events, including hard braking events cut in half and an almost 70% reduction in hard accelerations.”


“Fleet management has moved beyond bringing trucks online, it’s now about the ability to leverage data and machine learning to improve operational efficiency and safety,” said Shoaib Makani, CEO and co-founder, KeepTruckin. “The increased functionality of our Smart Dashcam  reflects KeepTruckin’s ability to provide fleets with seamless, integrated solutions that use data to guide smarter business decisions.”


All features will be available for new and current users by April 30, 2019. Visit the KeepTruckin blog to learn more about how these features can improve safety and efficiency. More information on how to purchase a Smart Dashcam to protect your fleet through improved visibility can be found here.


About KeepTruckin:

KeepTruckin is the #1 fleet management platform whose robust solutions – the KeepTruckin Electronic Logging Device, KeepTruckin Electronic Logbook App for iOS and Android, and the KeepTruckin Smart Dashcam – seamlessly connect vehicles, drivers, and fleet managers. The KeepTruckin App Marketplace offers customers a catalog of customizable integrations that can improve operational efficiencies and increase productivity to save fleets money. KeepTruckin is trusted by over 60,000 fleets and over 1 million registered drivers to make them more efficient, safe, smart and reliable. The #1 rating comes from our Google Play Store reviews. To learn more about KeepTruckin visit, KeepTruckin.com.

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