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AmericaWithOutDrivers announces Voices of the American Truck Driver

by Punjabi Trucking

D’lberville, Mississippi– AmericaWithOutDrivers is pleased to announce an opportunity to hear
directly from some of the American Truck Drivers as we state some of the major issues facing
the trucking industry today. Covering the two most important issues, Public Safety, and Jobs,
you will understand how these points will affect the nation’s supply chain in the future. As for actual
drivers who travel the roads during the Covid-19 pandemic, bringing America’s essential
supplies, we will be telling the inside information to the public, the media, and our
representatives. With millions of accident-free miles logged, we bring solutions to the table of
how to prevent loss of life on our roads and assure the safety of the truck drivers; something our
own regulatory agency, FMCSA has not been able to accomplish since its creation. Listen to
the truth, from people who drive trucks, not desks.
AmericaWithOutDrivers is a unique coalition of hundreds of drivers, organizations, and other
industry stakeholders, working together to accomplish common goals. This Media Blitz is the
first of many priorities, on our way to making solutions available to those who can effect change.
If you are interested, please accept our invitation to join our conference call on Monday, May 4,
2020 at 11:00 a.m. Central time by clicking on this LINK and RSVPing. We look forward to
“seeing” you at this social distancing event. If you have any other questions, please contact

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