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KeepTruckin Expands Hardware Portfolio to Support Fleet Safety and Efficiency

by Punjabi Trucking

New dual-facing dash camera and asset tracker deliver fleet safety and asset visibility

KeepTruckin, a leader in modern fleet management solutions, today announced the release of its KeepTruckin dual-facing Smart Dash cam and KeepTruckin Asset Gateway to help fleets maximize their revenue and reduce operational costs. KeepTruckin’s latest hardware solutions extend its platform to provide visibility into equipment, trailers, and driver risks to help fleets improve their business operations.


“Smart devices inside and outside of the cab are creating enormous data sets, but that data lacks context and isn’t actionable. Deploying a modern fleet management solution integrates data from a rich variety of sensors to create a full view of a fleet’s operations, ultimately providing better utilization of assets and helping drivers make better decisions on the road,” said Jai Ranganathan, VP of Product, KeepTruckin. “The introduction of these two new hardware products is the next step forward in building KeepTruckin’s broad portfolio of innovative solutions to make the transportation industry safer and more efficient.”

The KeepTruckin Asset Gateway helps:

  • Streamline trailer dispatch by automatically pulling location reports on all of your assets so you can pick the best trailer for the job, saving hours of manual check time per week.
  • See equipment and trailers in real time no matter the environment. Powered by a built-in solar panel and battery, the Asset Gateway logs GPS data every minute and sends that data to the KeepTruckin Dashboard every five minutes, approximately 24 to 144 times as often as leading competitors, giving you better visibility into the real-time status of your assets.

The KeepTruckin dual-facing Smart Dash cam helps:

  • Fleet owners gain a new layer of visibility into what is happening in the cab, which helps verify that drivers are making safe decisions. Added context has the ability to reduce collisions on the road and exonerate drivers, with the American Trucking Association (ATA) reporting that the other party is at fault over 80% of the time.
  • Safety managers tailor real time coaching alerts to drivers. The ability to recognize driving trends and deliver feedback has a direct impact on a fleet’s safety score and operational costs. Findings by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety note that video-based on board safety monitoring systems, in combination with driver feedback and coaching, can result in up to a 52% reduction in critical safety events per 10,000 miles.

“Incidents on the road can occur in a blink of the eye, and unless you have irrefutable and unbiased proof of what actually happened it can be challenging to prove your drivers weren’t at fault,” said Robert Strileckis, Safety Compliance Coordinator, Commercial Roofing Specialties Inc. “How our drivers act on the road is a direct reflection on our company and our reputation, so making sure they are safe and compliant is a top priority. Having dash cameras and technology like driver-facing video tags is a step in the right direction because it gives us confidence in our drivers’ actions and how we conduct business on the roads.”

The KeepTruckin Dual Facing Smart Dashcam and KeepTruckin Asset Gateway are available to all customers. Visit the KeepTruckin blog to learn more about how full visibility into the location of your assets and what’s happening in the cab can make your fleet safer and more efficient. Contact the KeepTruckin team at sales@keeptruckin.com or 844-325-9230 to talk about how a modern fleet management solution can benefit your business.

About KeepTruckin

KeepTruckin is a comprehensive fleet management platform that consists of the KeepTruckin Electronic Logging Device (ELD), KeepTruckin Electronic Logbook App for iOS and Android, the KeepTruckin Smart Dashcam, and KeepTruckin Asset Gateway to seamlessly connect vehicles, drivers, and fleet managers. The KeepTruckin App Marketplace offers customers a catalog of customizable integrations that can improve operational efficiencies and increase productivity to save fleets money. KeepTruckin is trusted by over 55,000 for hire carriers and over 250,000 vehicles to make them more efficient, safe, smart and reliable. To learn more about KeepTruckin visit keeptruckin.com.

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