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Phillips Connect Technologies Installs First True “Smart Trailer” Telematics Systems In A Broad Commercial Deployment With Nussbaum Transportation

by Punjabi Trucking

Phillips Connect Technologies (PCT), a strategic business unit of Phillips Industries, has partnered with Nussbaum Transportation, (headquartered in Hudson, Illinois), to supply a revolutionary “smart trailer” system that delivers GPS tracking, cargo detection, Automatic Tire Inflation System alerts, tire pressure and temperature monitoring, and an Anti-lock Braking System Decoder that provides detailed fault codes, trailer VIN information, and mileage reporting. PCT will also deliver on tractor-trailer pairing, ensuring the right tractors connect to the correct trailers before hauling a load. In combination, this smart trailer system will provide Nussbaum with detailed information to drive critical operational KPI reporting metrics. Additional sensor features under consideration by Nussbaum Transportation are the Phillips Connect LITE-SENTRY® (light out detection system), and the first-of-its-kind Phillips Connect Remote PreCheck system. This system will provide the ability to remotely pre-check lights and tires on a parked trailer from any device connected to the internet.

Additionally, Nussbaum Transportation will combine the TireView™ system, by Pressure Systems International, for tire pressure and temperature monitoring (TPMS) with their industry-leading Automatic Tire Inflation System (ATIS). This new solution delivers real-time tire health to a fleet’s operations managers, instead of waiting for a driver to report a tire concern, while still automatically maintaining pressures to allow the driver to complete their run.  Additionally, the system delivers an operational advantage by providing visibility of the trailer tire status even when it is untethered, without tractor power connected.

“Nussbaum Transportation is one of the most respected trucking fleets on the road today and is widely recognized for adopting new technology that allows them to lead the industry in fuel efficiency and driver satisfaction,” notes Kent Crymes, who led the commercial engagement with Nussbaum. “Given the high quality of the Nussbaum fleet assets and the high value that the management team places on ROI and trailer health data, we thought they would be an outstanding partner for our technology,” Crymes commented further.

The opportunity with Nussbaum Transportation was highly competitive, with many of the most established telematics companies vying for the win. “After working closely with PCT’s Business Intelligence team, we were able to immediately realize the ROI for the entire TrailerNet™ system,” noted Doug Bradle, chief operating officer for Nussbaum. In addition to PCT’s trailer-based product, the company offers integrated analytics, business intelligence tools, and customized reporting capabilities for fleets looking to identify and track hard ROI targets.  PCT’s products, which include advanced business intelligence tools and baseline planned ROI, compare actual fleet data to ensure that asset managers are attaining cost savings or maximizing revenue opportunities.  PCT isn’t just selling a product at a cost; they provide the fleet with data visualization screens and reports that create a gain on their investment and an opportunity to increase overall fleet metrics.

“In the end, the opportunity landed with the only company that could deliver on all of our requirements that together represent a truly “smart trailer,” and by a provider that can install the integrated system today, not tomorrow,” said Nussbaum’s director of maintenance, Tony Morthland.

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