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Supreme and Wabash National Bring New Technology and Valuable Product Updates to NTEA to Advance Final Mile Truck Body Solutions

by Punjabi Trucking

 Wabash National Corporation will introduce its latest Supreme and Wabash National truck body innovations at the upcoming NTEA Work Truck Show in Indianapolis. The company will demonstrate its latest customer-focused solutions from groundbreaking technology in refrigerated transport to up fitting options and industry-specific packages.

Supreme is taking its products to new levels with R&D collaboration at Wabash National. “We are excited to use technology to our advantage to create products that will have the greatest impact on the final mile industry,” said Mike Pettit, group president, Final Mile Products at Wabash National. “We listened to our customers’ needs and focused on changes that will be significant in improving their business.”

Supreme and Wabash National have enhanced their refrigerated product lines by focusing on new technology and strategic improvements to strengthen product quality and customer options. Supreme removed wood, steel, and rivets from its best-selling Kold King, a multi-temp solution that’s loaded with options, eliminating leak points and increasing thermal efficiency. In addition, the Wabash National Cold Chain features a revolutionary molded structural composite (MSC) technology that delivers exceptional thermal efficiency and makes it lighter, stronger, and two times more puncture resistant than truck bodies with aluminum side walls.

“Our refrigerated customers count on us to build truck bodies that help keep their products cold, but our designs deliver even more,” said Jerry Hughes, product manager. “We offer lightweight solutions to save money, stronger walls to reduce impact abrasion, and a variety of options to best meet our customers’ business needs.”

Supreme will also showcase innovations and updates in dry freight truck bodies at the Work Truck Show. The Signature Van will feature DuraPlate® Cell Core technology, a durable, lightweight solution that is up to 150 pounds lighter than traditional wall materials and up to five times more puncture resistant. Supreme’s Iner-City, a cutaway with a flat floor, is now available on the Ford Transit and will be upfit with a Ranger Design shelving package, a new solution now available from Supreme.

NTEA Work Truck Show attendees can get an up-close look at Supreme and Wabash National’s new product updates and technology March 6-8 in Booth #1531.

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