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Teamsters Union Approves Two Five-Year National Contracts With UPS

by Punjabi Trucking

“The UPS Freight exemplary arrangement provides our associates with economic security and job security during the subsequent five years and beyond,” explained Kris Taylor, the Teamsters’ UPS Freight coordinator.

Local union leaders together with an International Brotherhood of Teamsters, which represent UPS Inc. along with UPS freight workers approved on Aug. 9 two separate five-year federal contracts. This paves the way for its 250,000 employees, such as drivers, loaders, bundle sorters, dockworkers, and operations staff members and 11,000 cargo workers to vote on the connections in September.

Next month, members will get the voting information they will need to cast ballots. Members may vote by secret ballot through the web or phone. They will possess an individual access code along with instructions how to cast their ballot.

For current drivers, the new contract calls for a 4.15-per-hour raise over the lifespan of this arrangement, which eventually would attract a motorist’s base salary up to more than $83,000 annually. The union said fulltime UPS drivers now earn on average nearly $75,000 per year roughly $36 an hour. You can find salary increases for part-time workers, and workers will continue to receive their health insurance without paying premiums. The union said for UPS Freight employees, the tentative contract addresses numerous big problems, including subcontracting, wage increases, pension increases, seniority, bidding, penalty pay and much more compensated leave for casual workers. Denis Taylor, manager of the Teamsters bundle division and co-chairman of the Teamsters National UPS Negotiating Committee:”Today’s election was a very powerful indication of the support nationally from local union leaders, and it directs the federal agreement, regional supplements and riders to the members for a ratification vote.”

UPS and the union said they agreed to create 5,000 full-time projects during the lifespan of this contract, including a minimum of 2,000 sleeper team tasks by taking off work from cargo railroad and on trucks. The sleeper driving projects are going to be one of the provider’s highest paid, achieving 96 cents per mile in 2022 for three-driver trucks. There also will be a brand new blend of motorist classification that addresses the changes caused by e-commerce. “UPS is pleased that Teamster leadership across the nation have accepted the small-package and cargo tentative national arrangements,” the parcel delivery company said in an announcement. “The next phase involves a ratification vote by the registration. We consider these contracts satisfy the requirements of our employees and the organization.
The arrangement creates a new class of”hybrid drivers” who work weekdays and weekends but whose pay could best out following five years at $34.79 that an hour or more than $72,000 per year. Adding these drivers addresses union concerns about overtime in the event UPS provides Sunday delivery into its Monday-to-Saturday schedule.  The carrier added Saturday service more than one year past.

“They reward employees for their participation in UPS’ success through wage gains, benefit improvements as well as the development of thousands of new full-time jobs. They also have provisions which give UPS greater flexibility to fulfill client needs for expanded weekend services, in addition, to address challenges from competitors.”

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