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The simplest, best way to book and manage Inter modal freight loads says, DrayNow

by Punjabi Trucking

An all-new DrayNow Marketplace is ready to roll. For the past year, we’ve been listening to our customers’ feedback, observing their usage patterns, and benchmarking our platform against relevant best-in-class interfaces. Now, thanks largely to suggestions from our customers, it’s easier than ever to book and track Intermodal loads.

Combined with DrayNow’s immediate access to more motor carrier capacity than ever, we’re ready to help make today – and every day – easier for our customers.

Here are the top enhancements our customers are enjoying today:

1. Streamlined Interface: cleaner, simpler, and easier to use

The new order map visualizes all your loads geographically. A new layout organizes load and order information quicker.

2. Real-time ETAs

We now update load ETAs every 10 minutes to give our customers the most current status. No more follow-up calls trying to track down carrier information.

3. Instant Order Duplication

We minimized the need for order entry work, so users can focus on their jobs, not data entry. Users can also easily create a batch of similar orders.

4. Search

Instantly search for any order by reference or container number. No more scrolling through hundreds of loads.

5. Simplicity…on every screen

Everything customers relied upon in the web version of the DrayNow Marketplace is now accessible via smartphone or tablet. Even when they’re on-the-go, our customers have easy access to their orders.

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