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FORT WORTH, TEXAS (September 22, 2021) – After more than 25 years as a freight factoring leader, Apex Capital continues to revolutionize the industry. As the trucking industry continues to leverage technology to accelerate change, freight factors are being challenged to do the same. Apex, at the forefront of innovation, already created its own proprietary digital payment system with blynk™. Now comes 24/7 Factoring, which allows Apex clients who qualify to factor freight invoices after-hours – nights, weekends, and bank holidays. Hauling loads for a living isn’t a 9-5 job, so factoring shouldn’t be. 

Apex’s 24/7 Factoring is factoring unplugged and transformed. It gives our valued clients the option to get their funds in near real-time – anytime – outside of normal banking hours. Apex’s 24/7 Factoring was designed to keep the cash flowing so trucking companies succeed. 

“24/7 Factoring came about as a direct result of listening to our clients, who challenged us to provide funds when they require them – anytime, on their schedule, and in their preferred payment method,” says Chris Bozek, President of Apex Capital. “Our best ideas come from our clients. We remain committed to continuing delivering practical innovation that helps our clients succeed in an increasingly competitive marketplace.”

24/7 Factoring not only provides Apex’s clients immediate access to cash, but it also allows real-time, just-in-time funding to their Apex TCS Fuel Cards to ensure that their trucks are rolling and that their drivers are taken care of. By combining Apex’s legendary customer service with our innovative digital tools and products, clients have more options, control, and convenience than ever before.

“The factoring industry has traditionally been tied to normal banking hours,” says Adam Bosley, Apex 24/7 Factoring Product Manager. “With 24/7 Factoring, clients now have the option to get access to funding for completed loads with a few clicks of a button. No more days of clients rushing to get their paperwork organized and submitted within banking hours or having bills ready to go than waiting all weekend to get funded on Monday. We are excited to bring this product to our clients.”


About Apex Capital
Founded in 1995, Apex Capital is a full-service freight factor that specializes in small to medium-sized trucking companies. Apex is the leading freight factoring company for the trucking industry. Apex buys freight bills and provides industry-recognized customer service, credit checks, a Mobile Factoring® app, a free load board, NextLOAD.com, and many other benefits to its clients. To learn more about Apex Capital, visit apexcapitalcorp.com or call 800-511-6022.

Contact: Mario Tarradell

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