There’s no longer a need to take any of your trucks offline for maintenance. There’s no longer any reason to delay preventative maintenance—With the convenience of our mobile DPF cleaning service, we’re on the road to help you stay on the road.
The AECS goal is a fast turnaround, rolling out to meet you at your garage, on the road, at ports, or wherever your trucks and buses are parked. We’ll travel to your location. Just give us a few hours, and we’ll blast the particulates out of your DPFs to prevent costly downtime. One phone call to us at 559-472-7301 puts you on the schedule.

Our mobile unit features The Donaldson Gen2 Heavy-Duty Diesel Engine DPF Pulse Cleaner. This enclosed system uses high-volume, low-pressure air pulses to quickly and safely dislodge unburned soot and ash from your DPF. It accommodates most sizes of commercially available diesel particulate filters. We remove your filter for cleaning and install it again, on site.

How often do you need to schedule cleaning? To prevent hardening of ash, contact us every 150,000 miles for service (for DPF retrofits, CARB and DPF suppliers require cleaning approximately 1,000 hours of operation). Our mobile unit is the key to avoiding expensive gunky filter problems that ruin your bottom line.


  • Downtime and poor engine performance
  • Loss of horsepower and reduced fuel economy
  • Need for DPF replacement (at the cost of some $8,000)
  • Voided DPF warranties and hefty fines for not complying with EPA and CARB regulations

Trust our experienced mobile team to inspect your fleet’s diesel particulate filters to ensure they are free of minor defects. If necessary, we’ll perform a quick check to troubleshoot any issues—AECS carries a complete line of replacement and retrofit parts to keep your fleet in service.

Give us a call at 559-472-7301 for speedy filter cleaning turnaround wherever you’re parked. We’ll get you on the schedule and keep you on the road. And when you call, Bob Gaffney, our emissions consultant, and Stephen Davis, our DPF sizing and installation expert, are happy to offer in-depth DPF guidance.