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Heavy-Duty tire chains by Ancara

by Punjabi Trucking

The three X-Treme Grip Tire Chains of ancra are intended to give added durability strength and stability when driving in extreme weather conditions such as snow, ice and rain. The scooter chains have a silver zinc finish, also each is outfitted with vbar studs that bite for added grip on roads that are frozen into ice. Heavy-duty-studded bicycle chains are preferred for off-road software like logging and browsing terrain. Square link tire chains should really be used when highway conditions consist of snow and ice and are coated with a protective plated silver zinc finish hockey. All the chains can be found in a single- or triple-chain alternative; while the square link bicycle chains are 7mm studded bicycle chains and the V-Bar are 8mm. Tensioning cams enable installation and adjustment. Each pair of chains ship at a storage container with tensioning tool included.

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