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KeepTruckin Provides Innovative Data Management Solutions

by Punjabi Trucking

Gathering a wide range of information to help truckers improve safety and mitigate costs, top rated ELD and fleet management platform KeepTruckin has become one of the top data production choices in the trucking industry. Analysts cite the company’s innovation and cutting-edge products as helping to revolutionize aspects of the day to day life of drivers and fleet managers.

In 2019, the San Francisco-based company introduced its Asset Gateway and AI-powered Smart Dashcam. Providing real time information about the location of trailers and equipment, the Asset Gateway will allow fleets to make smart decisions regarding shipping times and equipment allocations. The Gateway automatically provides location reports which save valuable time in scheduling trailers. It also gives out alerts as to when trailers exit a yard and whether it is a scheduled departure or not.

The Smart Dashcam monitors what happens on the road and in the cab, giving managers the ability to evaluate drivers and provide recommendations for improved driver behavior. It can protect drivers from false accusations as well as to clarify insurance claims with video footage. Smart Dashcam also relays safety alerts in a timely manner which will help drivers avoid weather or traffic related delays.

Another feature of KeepTruckin’s new software includes the ability for clients to access over 100,000 warehouses across the country and see predicted dwell times for any hour of any day of the week. The software uses objective truck location data for its results rather than user-submitted information.

KeepTruckin cites its hiring of engineers and technicians with a wealth of technology experience for its success in producing innovative and cost saving applications for trucks. Many of the platform’s team members have been lured away from tech giants such as Google, Twitter and Uber. “We work very collaboratively. We’re not working in silos, we’re very holistic. It’s tied to a company-wide push to really build the most innovative products that directly address our users’ pain points,” said John Sears, senior data science manager.

In fact, KeepTruckin has invested deeply into research and development in order to produce the next generation of tools for the trucking industry. New testing includes innovations in fuel usage and safety scores. “We’re working to build these AI-driven insights around how you improve fuel economy by looking at speeding or unnecessary braking and acceleration on the highway, and then allowing users to track those improvements over time,” said Sears.

Sears believes that KeepTruckin has the “best data in the industry, and that will allow us to build features that no one else can replicate,” concluded Sears.

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