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Shell Rotella’s Heavy-Duty Greases

by Punjabi Trucking

Featuring the company’s latest performance additives, Shell Rotella introduces its newest line of heavy-duty greases for all types of industrial vehicles including trucks, tractors and heavy equipment.

Its new HD Grease contains ingredients formulated for increased high-temperature oxidation performance and corrosion resistance as well as extreme-pressure and anti-wear stability. The grease is best suited for bearings running at high temperatures and under heavy loads like disc-brake equipped wheels.


Shell’s SD Grease is produced with moly solid lubricant—molybdenum disulfide—and is specifically engineered for use on vehicles and equipment under demanding conditions and exposed to high shock loads where quick starts and stops are common, especially affecting chassis points, trailer hitches, axle splines, and sliding pins.


Fabricated for both on and off road usage, Shell’s MP Grease provides multi-purpose lubrication for general chassis, springs, pivot points, low-speed bearings and on equipment such as trailers, mowers, lifts and loader buckets. This grease is formulated with a blend of high viscosity index mineral oils and a lithium thickener which enhances performance in a variety of applications.


Like MP Grease, Shell’s ET Grease boasts an excellent on and off road formula and is manufactured with high viscosity mineral oils and polymers to promote increased adhesion and retention on exposed surfaces like fifty-wheel plate pivots, wheel bearings, springs, trailers, open pivot joints, and weather compromised equipment. Quite tacky, water resistant and suitable for use in high-temperature situations, MP Grease contains antioxidants and rust deterrents for increased longevity and protection from corrosion.       

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