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Walmart is facing a $50,000 fine for allowing trucks to park.

by Punjabi Trucking

Walmart is facing a 50K fine for allowing trucks to park at one of its own Illinois stores. The penalty came from the city of Springfield, which asserts the store is not after the parking plan accepted by the city as it was constructed.

The fine has been issued last week following Walmart failed to act on its proposed plans, like re-striping its parking lot to allow truck spots or placing barriers to prohibit trucks, according to the State Journal-Register post. The report states that the town of Springfield is much more enthusiastic about dealing with Walmart to find mend any issues compared to collecting the whole fine. “We’re still weighing all of our options and continued to use the city to achieve options, before then, We’re working within the regulations,” stated Walmart National Media Relations Senior Manager Casey Staheli

While it is not unusual for Walmart shops to permit overnight truck parking, then it’s prohibited at many of the stores throughout the country. Policies may vary because Walmart allows truck parking rules to be put on a store-by-store basis. The approved program does not include truck parking, based on a post by The State Journal-Register. The local paper reported that town officials began asking the store to handle safety concerns brought on by the trucks, such as blocked visibility, last April.

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