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CRST Expedited requests exemption for commercial learner’s permit holders

by Punjabi Trucking

Cedar-Rapids, Iowa-based CRST’s current exemption operates from Sept. 23, 2016, through Sept. 24, 2018. CRST Expedited is requesting the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to revive an exemption which permits the Cedar Rapids Iowa-based trucking company wants student drivers to run the team using a commercial driver’s license holder.

Present-day regulations require a CDL holder with the proper class & endorsements to be seated in the front while a commercial learner’s permit holder is driving on public roads or highways. The exemption would enable student drivers that passed on the skills test but never yet received the CDL document to induce CRST commercial motor vehicle accompanied with a CDL holder” that isn’t automatically from the passenger seat” The trucking company’s 2015 program contended that the present law is”ineffective and unproductive” since the business must incur added cost to ship the driver for their home state to accumulate a CDL document.

CRST asserts that it allows the company to”cultivate a more productive and efficient training environment by enabling commercial learner’s permit holders to hone their recently developed driving skills through high-intensity practice and also to start earning an income right away.”
“Beneath the principle, the driver is not only not able to use newly acquired driving skills but also needs to forego compensation before obtaining a CDL,” the FMCSA notice said. “CRST considers that FMCSA should renew the exemption for an extra five-year period since it contributes to safer drivers”
The request was published in the Federal Register on Thursday, Aug. 9.

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